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Our Team.

Michael Buoni
artistic director

Michael Buoni is a choreographer/actor and hails from Philadelphia. He has danced with Ohio Ballet, North Carolina Dance Theater, Dayton Ballet, and guested with Eglevsky Ballet, Pennsylvania Ballet, Maryland Ballet and many others. He has performed works by George Balanchine, Lucinda Childs, Laura Dean, Jose Limon, Agnes DeMille, Alvin Ailey, Heinz Poll, Sal Aiello, and many other great choreographers. He has worked with some of the greatest and most passionate dance artists: Margarita DeSaa, Cherie Noble, Marion Tonner, Philip Carmen, Richard Hoskinson, Donna Muzio, Maria Teresa Emmons, Salvatore Aiello, Stuart Sebastian, Heinz Poll, Richard Dickinson, Evie Lynne, John White and many others who inspired him with their love for the sacred art and tradition of ballet. He understands the importance of musicality and theatrical expression and strives to keep that relevant in his choreographic choices. His main focus is entertainment and keeping the audience first and foremost in all his offerings. Michael began his NYC career in Shakespeare and off-off Broadway theater.  He currently works on TV episodics and film and has appeared in numerous local and national commercial campaigns. 

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